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The perfect combination of MSK and your start up. Start 'N Knupp.

MSK has assembled a SWAT team of extraordinary attorneys to cover every aspect of an early stage company. Intellectual property, to ensure that your ideas stay protected. Corporate and business transactions, to guide you through the process of forming and financing a company. Labor and employment, to guide you through the labyrinth and complexity of having employees. Immigration, to build your skillful team from anywhere in the world. Tax and Trusts & Estates, to ensure that your company is classified correctly and the business remains in your hands. And commercial litigation, for when you find yourself in a difficult situation and need to call on someone you trust. The Start 'N Knupp team is passionate about their practice, but even more passionate about helping you build your business.


Working through the night. Committing heart and soul. Risking everything you own. Now what?

You have your idea, your team, maybe even an MVP built, and some willing investors ready to go. How do you make your dreams become a reality? You’ve heard other entrepreneurs discuss capital formation, intellectual property matters, becoming an employer (rather than employee) for the first time, and you start recognizing that you’re jumping in to a world of unknown pitfalls. You’ve probably watched a few TED talks on how to fulfill your vision, how to motivate teams, how to set goals. But at some point, you’ll need to put all the pieces together and be ready to answer critical questions, especially when you realize that after you answered one question three more urgently pop up. How do you protect your intellectual property? Are the people that will work for you 1099 or W2 employees? Will your overseas developers be able to work in the US? What is the best way to raise money?

What if someone had all the answers to guide you through this process? A specialized SWAT team filled with individuals for each piece of your startup puzzle. A team with decades of experience with early stage ventures. A team that has seen “what happens next” after going from the idea in a garage to scaling a business. A team with passion and perseverance to knock down obstacles, avoid landmines, and guide your dream to reality. Start 'N Knupp is prepared to get you there faster and safer.




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