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The greatest testament to the culture we’ve built is shown in the number of attorneys that have known no other law firm in their careers and many others that left for a period of time to pursue other interests, only to return to MSK.

Such loyalty is earned by creating an atmosphere of enriching work, familial culture and work-life balance within an industry consistently marked by a high percentage of dissatisfaction. We mentor attorneys throughout all stages of their career and embrace them in ways that lead to a collegial environment; one where lateral attorneys find refuge from other firms.

The impact of the Great Recession on the legal industry, combined with other factors, led to changes in traditional leverage ratios. We responded by structuring leaner teams that include partners and associates working side by side to service clients. This business model continues today. Associates are encouraged to take on responsibilities with clients, often leading matters on their own with moderate partner supervision. Associates collaborate with partners on case strategy and business development. They are empowered, through an emphasis on training and development, to create a unique career that is interesting and meaningful to them.

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