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Working at MSK goes well beyond a place where people reside throughout the day working on legal briefs and transactions for faraway clients. It means being part of a local community, inside and outside the walls of the office. It serves as an extension of the lives led by all MSK’ers. A sense of sustainable commitment to community comes as a result. Paying attention to the needs of the local community, whether in Los Angeles, New York, or Washington D.C., is intricately linked to the daily operation.

From recycling and paperless initiatives to power-saving efforts to ridesharing programs to the dollars and time invested in local charities, MSK invests significantly in outcomes measured beyond profits. The number of organizations supported by the attorneys and staff at MSK are innumerable. Soup kitchens, medical research, scholarships, mentoring programs, diversity outreach . . . every flavor of support can be found at MSK.

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