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SAP Commits to Invest $1-Billion in Tech Startups

The Globe and Mail
September 14, 2016

This article was authored by Lizette Chapman and Aaron Ricadella and was published on on September 14, 2016.

SAP SE is doubling down on its role as venture capitalist, committing another $1-billion (U.S.) to invest in startups and early-stage venture firms.

Through its Sapphire Ventures, SAP will plow $700-million into startups and $300-million indirectly via stakes in a dozen venture firms worldwide.

The push by the enterprise software company is part of a large and growing movement by established companies to partner with startups early rather than compete against them when it’s too late. Corporate venture groups put $72.5-billion into startups last year – a high not matched since 2000, according to data from industry tracker Global Corporate Venturing Analytics. While many new entrants invest for strategic reasons, other tech players such as Sapphire are motivated by the promise of strong returns.

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