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Crowdfunding: Practical Guide on the SEC's FINAL Rules for Raising Capital

Thomson Reuters
February 2016

Crowdfunding: Practical Guide on the SEC'S FINAL Rules for Raising Capital guides entrepreneurs and general business attorneys through a crowdfunding offering under the new Regulation Crowdfunding.

On May 16, 2016, the SEC's Regulation Crowdfunding rules take effect, thereby allowing everyday entrepreneurs unprecedented access to capital to finance their business ventures and startups. The rules are designed to reduce the cost of accessing capital by providing clear guidance to entrepreneurs and to their legal counsel. General business-law practitioners and their entrepreneurial clients will need to familiarize themselves with the new methods and rules for raising capital under Title III of the JOBS Act, and be clear about the liabilities associated with these new offering methods.

Crowdfunding alerts readers to those areas where general business legal counsel is advisable and those more complex securities-law issues where counsel with more specialized legal experience may be required. Finally, it provides insight into specific issues where entrepreneurs and their companies may be vulnerable to the risk of investor litigation.

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