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Christine Lepera and MSK Team Highlighted in Billboard Involving Major Win for Dr. Luke

March 11, 2022

Christine Lepera and MSK team scored a major win for client Dr. Luke in his defamation lawsuit against Kesha. The Billboard article, "Kesha Loses Key Ruling in Dr. Luke Defamation Case," was published on March 11, 2022. 

From the article...

A New York state appeals court has handed a major win to Dr. Luke in his defamation lawsuit against Kesha, ruling that New York’s expansive new free speech law – expressly designed to restrict libel lawsuits – does not apply to his case.

In a ruling Thursday, the appeals court said that New York’s newly enacted anti-SLAPP law could not apply retroactively to Dr. Luke’s lawsuit, which claims that Kesha defamed him by accusing him of rape. The producer filed his case several years before the statute went into effect.

The decision is important because the new statute would have required Dr. Luke to prove Kesha acted with “actual malice” when she allegedly accused him falsely — a rigorous standard that would make it much harder to win his case. Applying the new anti-SLAPP law would also have allowed Kesha to win repayment of her legal bills if she eventually wins the case...

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