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7 MSK Attorneys Named to Billboard's 2023 "Top Music Lawyers" List

April 3, 2023

Eric German, Gabriella Nourafchan Ismaj, Christine Lepera, Jeffrey Movit, Bradley Mullins, David Steinberg, and Matthew Williams were named to Billboard's 2023 list of "Top Music Lawyers" published on April 3, 2023. 

From the article...

Dua Lipa hired Lepera and her colleagues — who together form one of the top legal teams in the country for artists and songwriters facing copyright lawsuits — last year to handle two high-profile cases over her smash hit “Levitating,” 2021’s year-end Hot 100 No. 1 song. The firm also geared up to rep Post Malone in a similar lawsuit over songwriting co-credits for his 2019 hit “Circles,” but settled out of court in March. Their biggest win of the year, however, was a major appeals court ruling for Katy Perry that rejected a case regarding her 2014 Hot 100 chart-topper “Dark Horse.” Lepera says the case highlights how musicians are “fighting back to preserve their independence and right to create with commonplace expression.”

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