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trusts & estates litigation


Our team of experienced trusts and estates litigation attorneys represent individuals, banks and trust companies, private professional fiduciaries, charitable organizations and educational institutions in a broad range of trust, estate, conservatorship and guardianship disputes and proceedings in probate courts throughout California.

Combining extensive knowledge of the underlying substantive law and an acute understanding of the procedural nuances involved, our attorneys have successfully represented clients in a diverse range of disputes or contested actions, including probate proceedings, fiduciary accounting proceedings, proceedings for the discovery and turnover of estate or trust assets, as well as matters involving alleged breaches of fiduciary duties and responsibilities, reformation of testamentary instruments, investment performance, and contests of wills and trusts involving allegations of undue influence, fraud, duress, lack of due execution, lack of capacity, and coercion.

Our attorneys approach all disputed trust, estate, conservatorship and guardianship matters cognizant of the complex income, estate, gift and generation-skipping transfer tax ramifications and consequences, as well as the sensitive issues that arise and the emotional, psychological and interpersonal tolls that often result from such disputes. Where appropriate, we leverage our track record of success in the courtroom in furtherance of efforts to achieve favorable settlements of disputes outside of the courtroom. In addition, our seasoned trial lawyers counsel fiduciaries on ways to avoid litigation and advise our clients on litigation prevention techniques.


The dust has settled, the services are over, and finally you get a moment of peace. The silence is quickly broken with the delivery of a small white envelope containing news that everything you thought you were entitled to is at risk of being taken away. Your head begins to spin. How can this be? The trust was perfectly clear on the beneficiaries, the money, and the distribution of assets, or so you thought.

An unexpected, uncertain, and long road lies ahead. You need to quickly get assistance from someone who can help you ascertain and assert your rights. Our trusts & estates litigators have the blend of compassion and dogged determination to ensure that the wishes of the trust grantor are honored and that your rights as beneficiary are preserved.


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