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Our securities litigation attorneys vigorously defend clients in class-action and derivative lawsuits and in litigating tender offers, allegations of insider trading and other major securities-related matters. Our securities litigators have the expertise to recognize critical issues early and we work with our clients to avoid the pitfalls that can turn a defensible lawsuit into a corporate disaster. Our lawyers have successfully represented officers and directors, shareholder groups, securities broker-dealers and underwriters in securities class actions, mismanagement claims and SEC investigations, among other areas.


Come hither. Two words that are seemingly harmless, but to anyone who has received an investigation letter from the Securities and Exchange Commission, they can mean a painfully long road ahead. Maybe you thought the letter would go away, maybe you thought the government was misinformed. In any case, these requests by the SEC must be met with speed and precision. Otherwise, you could be served with a large envelope with a subpoena inside, and that could lead to an administrative hearing or worse. The SEC is asking for documentation of every transaction you have processed. At this early stage you’re walking a fine line between appearing uncooperative and incriminating yourself. Depending on how you respond, you could quickly lose your investors, your confidentiality, your clients and quite possibly the control of your business.  It’s time to consult a securities litigation attorney.

Securities litigation requires highly specialized legal skills that include an intimate knowledge of an exceptionally complex area of the law. In addition to keeping abreast of volumes of government regulations, attorneys practicing securities litigation must be able to analyze and understand complicated financing transactions to fully represent their clients. The background and litigation experience of the attorney you choose mean everything when the stakes are this high. Whether you are looking at an SEC investigation, government civil action or class-action lawsuit brought by private investors, we can help. The attorneys comprising the specialized securities litigation team at MSK have expansive knowledge in both federal and state securities laws as well as the strategic minds required to zealously advocate for our clients. They  have represented companies and management from a wide spectrum of industries, and they stand ready to put their knowledge and passion to work for you when your need arises. 



  • Defended a computer peripherals manufacturer, its chairman, and its CEO against securities fraud class actions and shareholder derivative actions.

  • Represented the Chairman and CEO of a major independent entertainment company in consolidated securities class action litigation arising out of an IPO.


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