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MSK Attorneys Mentioned in The Hollywood Reporter 

The Hollywood Reporter
February 19, 2020

MSK Attorneys, Robert Rotstein, Eleanor M. Lackman, Matthew Williams and Craig Bradley, mentioned in The Hollywood Reporter article, "Movie Studios Back Oracle in Supreme Court Fight Over Computer Code," published on February 19, 2020, for their work representing movie studios. 

From the Article...

"In today’s era of rapid changes in technologies and business models, potential markets can and do quickly become actual markets," states the movie studios, represented by Robert Rotstein, Eleanor Lackman and other attorneys at Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp. "As a means of encouraging copyright owners to create and disseminate new works in new ways, the Copyright Act protects copyright owners’ rights to develop those new markets. To dismiss harm to such potential markets in the fourth-factor analysis contravenes the purposes of copyright law."

The MPA isn't the only group to file amicus briefs in support of Oracle. Also today came ones from the Association of American Publishers, journalism law professors, and the News Media Alliance. Also not to be missed is Dolby Labratories, which says it spent $240 million last year on technology including surround-sound programs installed in movie theatres and that "stripping technology companies of the historical copyright afforded such works would undermine the entire industry’s incentive structure."

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