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MSK Scores Win for Client Gordon Ramsay 

Page Six
May 16, 2022

MSK's win for client Gordon Ramsay was highlighted in the article, "Gordon Ramsay Wins $4.5 Million in Damages from Ex-Business Partner," published by Page Six on May 16, 2022. The article noted that our client was awarded $4.5 million in damages after going "head to head" with his former business partner Rowen Seibel in court. 

From the article:

"Seibel sued the fiery British chef in 2014, but a judge in New York Superior Court ruled last Wednesday that Seibel was 'not a credible witness,' stating that it appeared he had 'fabricated evidence.'

In a filing seen by Page Six, Judge Melissa Crane awarded judgment in favor of Ramsay and his company GR US and ordered that Seibel pay $1.6 million as well as 50 to 70 percent of Ramsay’s attorneys’ fees, which were $5 million. The total payout comes to approximately $4.5 million."

The MSK team included Kevin Gaut, Jacob Albertson and Paul Montclare.

The case was also highlighted by JD Supra. 

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