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MSK’s Merger Featured on

August 2015

MSK’s recent merger with Richardson Patel was featured in the article, “The Bigger Picture: What the Recent MSK and RP Merger Reveals about the Future of the Entertainment and Tech Startup” published on on August 18, 2015. The article features an in-depth interview with Chairman Kevin Gaut, Vice Chairman Nimish Patel, and CMO/CFO Doug Gold.

From the article…

“The media landscape is transforming, and it has been for quite some time. In recent years, the line between content companies and technology companies has becoming increasingly blurry, as the two industries continue to converge on one another. Long-established media giants are hungry for innovative methods of delivering their content to consumers, and all the while young, exciting tech startups are chomping at the bit for more content to pump through their platforms.

Recognizing this trend, and looking to position themselves at the forefront of its future, the recent merger of two highly reputable law firms is a clear reflection of the market’s direction, and the kind of demand from the industries they serve.” 

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