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Karin Pagnanelli and Marc Mayer Named to Los Angeles Business Journal's 2017 "Most Influential Intellectual Property Attorneys" List

August 14, 2017

Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP is honored to congratulate our partners, Karin Pagnanelli and Marc Mayer, for being named to the Los Angeles Business Journal's 2017 list of "Most Influential Intellectual Property Attorneys." The list includes 30 of the most "stellar IP attorneys in the Los Angeles region." 

Karin Pagnanelli was highlighted specifically for her recent copyright action against Lilith Games which raises age-old copyright issues made fresh in a digital context. She was noted for successfully defending clients against copyright, patent, and trademark infringement allegations as well as affirmatively protecting her clients' intellectual property rights.

Marc Mayer was named to the list for his work against exploitation software or "bots," which is known as the most pervasive threat to the video game industry. He was noted for representing video game developers, music publishers, and other content creators for nearly two decades.

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