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Navigating California's Workplace Violence Prevention Law

Zoom Webinar
May 29, 2024
9:00am-10:00am PT

Is your business ready to comply with California's new workplace violence prevention law? California SB 553 mandates that the vast majority of in-state employers develop and implement comprehensive workplace violence prevention plans, as well as provide regular and effective employee training on the subject. 

With the law's implementation deadline fast approaching on July 1, 2024, it is crucial for employers to be prepared with the knowledge and strategies necessary to ensure compliance and promote workplace safety in order to avoid legal repercussions or fines. 

Join us for a one-hour webinar on May 29, 2024, as MSK Associate Thea Rogers and CommSafe AI CEO Ty Smith discuss the key provisions of SB 553, outline legal obligations and responsibilities for employers, and provide practical strategies for compliance and mitigating workplace violence.

The Zoom link for the program is available upon registration. 

Click here to register. 


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