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New York State Provides Model Sexual Harassment Prevention Materials for Employers 

MSK Client Alert
October 11, 2018

Following its passage of new laws requiring that all New York State employers provide annual sexual harassment prevention training and implement sexual harassment prevention policies, effective on October 9, 2018, New York State has now published final versions of compliance materials for employers on a dedicated website, which includes:  (1) a model sexual harassment policy; (2) model training materials; (3) a model complaint form; (4) Frequently Asked Questions (“FAQs”) relating to the model materials and new laws; and (5) lists of minimum standards for sexual harassment policies and trainings for employers who wish to prepare their own. 

Model Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy:

Employers may choose to distribute the model sexual harassment policy posted to the New York State website, or modify an existing written policy to meet or exceed the State’s minimum standards.  To meet the minimum standards, the policy must:

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