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Top Legislative IP Developments of 2024 and Prospects for Future

June 19, 2024

MSK Associate Stacey Chuvaieva authored the article, "Top Legislative IP Developments of 2024 and Prospects for Future," published in IPWatchdog on June 21, 2024. The article covers a summary of the top legislative IP/AI developments of 2024, including the Generative AI Copyright Disclosure Act of 2024, Tennessee’s Ensuring Likeness Voice and Image Security Act (ELVIS Act), the California Digital Replica Bill and the NO FAKES Act. 

From the article... 

"The end of 2023 and the first half of 2024 were remarkably eventful in terms of AI-related initiatives addressing the impact of AI on intellectual property and publicity rights. The general legislative goal seems to be twofold: to afford rights holders and consumers more rights, such as new publicity rights regarding digital replicas for celebrities, and to provide transparency regarding AI training data and AI impact." 

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