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May 21, 2021

Su Ross was mentioned in in their article titled, "CBP Legislative Task Force Bound by Nondisclosure Agreements, Membership Still Unreleased" written by Tim Warren.

From the article: 

Some feel CBP is being too secretive. "The problem is nobody knows who is on the task force," said Mitchell Silberberg lawyer Susan Kohn Ross. Asked about who is on the task force, a CBP spokesman said May 21 that the agency is in the process of "gathering information" for a response. International Trade Today recently filed a Freedom of Information Act request for that list.

"Everybody’s under seal on this thing," Ross said during a later session of the event. "The lawyers at Customs decided that’s the way to handle it.” She said that’s not how it worked when Customs was working on the Customs Modernization Act, during which "there was a huge amount of input from the trade.” She said several national trade associations have told CBP that the 21st Century Customs Framework bill won’t be successful if they don’t get meaningful feedback from the trade professionals....

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