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Telethermography Devices: Current FDA Considerations

SIA Online
May 13, 2020

Su Ross authored the article, "Telethermography Devices: Current FDA Considerations," published online by the Security Industry Association (SIA) on May 13, 2020.

From the article...

"In the current return to work environment, there is a significant focus among building operators, employers and just about everyone else on temperature taking as the singular criteria by which to determine who may return to work, enter a building and otherwise return to some semblance of the new normal. Those who sell and operate telethermographic equipment are looking at how their devices can be adapted to take advantage of this unexpected business opportunity. To that end, these units are being repositioned for a different market, and any time one enters a new market, there are challenges to keep in mind which, if not properly factored into the operation from the outset, can become significant hurdles later in time. Adapting thermography machines for this new use qualifies them as medical devices, which is certainly a situation that can become quite challenging and, if not done right, quite costly in terms of the downside consequences..."

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