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Do I Really Want to Sell My Security Company?

SDM Magazine
March 5, 2019

Les Gold's article, "Do I Really Want to Sell My Security Company?" was re-published by SDM Magazine online on March 5, 2019. The article was originally published in SDM in January 1980. As a newly-added introduction, Les Gold writes: "The first article I wrote for SDM was in January 1980. While almost 40 years has passed since then, I recently came across the article and realized it is still as relevant today. So if you are at all considering selling your company, read on."

From the article...

"Many alarm company proprietors have contacted me to ask, 'Do you know anyone interested in buying my company?'

The prospective seller is frequently dealing with his 'baby,' a dream that he created, nurtured, watched mature and to which he devoted the vast majority of his waking hours.

'Do I really want to sell my company,' or more importantly, 'why do I want to sell my company?' must be answered at the outset.

After determining their motivation, the seller must determine whether a prospective buyer will satisfy their objectives. If the seller or members of the seller’s family desire to remain employed in the business, a determination must be made whether the buyer desires their services and if so, do they conform to the buyer’s profile? Can the seller or their family comply with corporate mentality? Will there be autonomy? Can the seller exist with limited autonomy? Can the seller work with the buyer? Will the seller’s inputs be accepted?"

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