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Presidential Campaign Needs Straight-Talking on Trade

Journal of Commerce
October 11, 2016

Su Ross authored the article, "Presidential Campaign Needs Straight-Talking on Trade," published on by the Journal of Commerce on October 11, 2016.

From the article...

"As the presidential election cycle comes to a close, the question we are all faced with is do we support Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Yes, there are third-party candidates running, but none of them has a serious chance at being elected. What to do?

Both candidates have excoriated international trade almost to the point of saying it is the source of everything wrong in this country, that is when they aren’t blaming each other, President Obama, or the “other” major party. However, if we are going to be earnest in our consideration of the candidates, we want to look things more objectively. Looking through the lens of international trade, what do we find? The International Trade Administration estimates that 11.5 million US jobs are supported by American exports."

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