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Su Ross quoted in Quartz article

February 8, 2023

Susan Kohn Ross was quoted in the article, "Shipping giants Maersk and MSC are making different bets on the future of trade," published by Quartz on February 8, 2023. 

From the article...

"If the US and its allies are successful in their reshoring efforts, it would have “an immediate impact on how much cargo moves out of China, and how much control China has over it,” said Susan K. Ross, a partner at the Los Angeles-based law firm Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp."

"What’s almost certain is that any reconfiguration of shipping alliances in the aftermath of the 2M breakup will bump up against a complex tangle of geopolitics, said Ross. Amid all this flux, China could spot an opportunity for well-timed maneuvers to better bend the shipping industry to its ambitions. Those ambitions include fashioning levers of control in strategic areas such as global trade, to better compete against other countries like the US. Beijing could, for instance, highly regulate access to its ports and markets, to block any shipping tie-ups that it views as detrimental to its interests.

“This now becomes part of a much larger dialogue: What is the role of the China in the world, what is the role of the US in the world, what is the direct competition between them—and the answer is a lot,” Ross said."

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