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Su Ross quoted in Western Overseas Corporation in an update on Port Congesion

October 8, 2021

Su Ross was quoted in the alert, "Port Congestion Update" published by Western Overseas Corporation on October 8, 2021. 

The alert discusses updates on 146 vessels in ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach. Su comments on the activity of the vessels.

From the article... 

"While the San Pedro Bay ports announced the new measure aimed to speed cargo throughput, the growing local trade sentiment seems to be as quoted in part by Susan Ross, a trade industry expert from Mitchell Silberberg & Krupp LLP, “it seems that 24/7 port operations are not a viable option until there is adequate equipment available.”  It appears truckers did not avail themselves of the pilot program this past week since it was not fully utilized. Optimism remains, as port officials continue to reach out to the Harbor Trucking Association and truckers in general to encourage the use of the off-normal hours of operation."

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