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Eric J. Schwartz quoted in The Federalist Society's blog post

August 3, 2021

Eric J. Schwartz was quoted in blog post, "Credibility Problems with the Restatement of Copyright Project" published by The Federalist Society on August 3, 2021. 

From the article...

"This bias did not go unnoticed by several advisors to the project. For example, Eric Schwartz wrote in the Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts that not only have initial drafts of the Restatement “inconsistently paraphrased, omitted, or in some cases completely adopted verbatim the text of the statute,” but the circulated drafts have failed to cite or rely on some important and impartial U.S. Copyright Office studies and materials. In fact, Schwartz revealed that the reporters have “all but written the Office out of the draft—even though the Office’s regulatory law (or pronouncements) are routinely relied upon by practitioners and courts.” Given the Reporters’ short shrift to the Copyright Office, Shira Perlmutter—the Register of Copyrights and the Director of the U.S. Copyright Office—felt compelled to step down last May as an advisor to the project."

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