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Kevin Gaut Mentioned in Boxing Scene Discussing Legal Battle Between Golovkin and His Former Managers

Boxing Scene
August 9, 2020

Kevin Gaut was mentioned in the article, "A Look at Golovkin's Legal Fight Against His Former Managers," published by Boxing Scene on August 9, 2020. 

The article discusses the tensions in the legal battle between Gennadiy Golovkin and his former managers, brothers Oleg and Maximillian Hermann. The case, which is being tried in California, "is probably the most significant legal schism currently between an active, high-profile fighter and his former handlers in a sport that is no stranger to issues of malfeasance."

From the article...
“We have laws in this country that require folks to be licensed, that in California requires management contracts to be no more than three years, which is where Gennadiy lives,” said English, who is working in tandem with attorney Kevin Gaut. “In most jurisdictions the time is limited and that’s for a simple reason. The policy decision has been made that you don’t enslave fighters.”

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