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David Rugendorf Quoted in LA Times on Complexity of Recent Immigration Proclamation

July 23, 2020

David Rugendorf was quoted in the article, "How Trump’s coronavirus immigration orders affect visas and green cards," published by the Los Angeles Times on July 23, 2020.

The article focuses on President Trump's recently implemented immigration restrictions, the halting of green cards and H-1Bs among other visas, limited immediate impact, and how to possibly get ahead of the game. 

From the article...

"For those affected by the rapidly shifting regulations, it can be hard to make sense of documents written in inscrutable legalese. Tweets can’t capture the full picture of the new rules, or may distort them entirely.

'This is all very, very complex' and differs based on individual situations, said David Rugendorf, a Los Angeles-based immigration attorney. 'The danger is that somebody thinks that something applies to them when it doesn’t or doesn’t realize something applies to them when it does.'

To make things easier, here’s a breakdown of recently implemented restrictions on work and resident visas..."

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