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David Rugendorf Quoted in Daily Journal on H-1B Visa Program Changes

June 24, 2020

David Rugendorf was quoted in the article, "Trump visa plan will favor high wage earners, lawyers say," published by the Daily Journal on June 24, 2020.

The article focuses on how "foreign workers in the technology, medical, pharmaceutical, and financial industries will have privileged access to H-1B visas once the Trump administration changes the foreign worker program for specialty occupations, which currently distributes the visa based on a lottery but will soon prioritize workers with the highest wages, attorneys said."

From the article...

"But there's a high chance the program changes will be challenged, depending on how they
are implemented, said David S. Rugendorf, a partner at Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP
who represents employers. 'The president will either have to lobby Congress to change the law, or at the very least have an agency enact regulations to this effect,' Rugendorf
explained. 'Because the election's coming up in November, do they really have enough

Rugendorf said the changes -- and Monday's executive order -- will likely be challenged
through litigation that questions whether the president followed appropriate procedures..."

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