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Christine Lepera Highlighted in Multiple Publications as Judge Reverses 'Dark Horse' Verdict

March 17, 2020

Christine Lepera and MSK team scored a victorious win on March 17, 2020 as Judge Christina A. Snyder vacated a July decision that originally ordered Katy Perry and her team to pay $2.8 million in damages. Judge Syner wrote, "The court agrees that the uncontroverted evidence points to only one conclusion: that none of these individual elements are independently protectable." Multiple publications reported the prevailing reversal. 

“In a well reasoned and methodical decision, the court properly vacated the jury verdict, finding that ‘Dark Horse’ does not infringe ‘Joyful Noise,’ as a matter of law,” Lepera said. “This an important victory for music creators and the music industry, recognizing that music building blocks cannot be monopolized. The creators of ‘Dark Horse’ stand vindicated.”

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