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Christine Lepera Profiled in Billboard Magazine for Copyright Work

February 18, 2020

Christine Lepera was profiled in a special editorial piece by Billboard Magazine. The Q&A article, “Copyright Lawyer Christine Lepera on Defending Drake and Why Katy Perry’s ‘Horse’ Verdict Should Get Tossed,” was published on February 18, 2020 and written by Claudia Rosenbaum. Ms. Lepera was highlighted for her “legal victories” in copyright law for “A-list stars” involving hit songs “Big Pimpin’,” “Pound Cake,” and “Dark Horse.”

From the Article...

“You have a reputation for defending A-list stars — JAY-Z, Katy Perry, Drake and so on — when they face allegations of copyright infringement. How did you decide to specialize in such a thorny area of the law?

Part of my identity is that I really understand music. In music copyright litigation, you must understand the music and be conversant in that language. When I work with a musicologist or I'm examining an adversary musicologist, I know exactly what I'm talking about. You can be a really good lawyer and you can understand copyright — the elements, the precedent — but you have to be able to understand the music to converse with the client, work with a musicologist and explain it in small doses.”

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