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MSK Obtains US Permanent Residence for Bet Tzedek Attorney

July 18, 2008

On July 8th, Immigration partner David Rugendorf received word of his success in obtaining permanent residence (a "green card") on behalf of the lead attorney for Bet Tzedek's Holocaust reparations project. Working on this matter pro bono, David pursued an innovative strategy to obtain rapid approvals at all of the steps of the tortuous green card process, despite particular regulatory and quota challenges unique to the summer of 2007. Bet Tzedek is the only agency in the world that offers free help to Holocaust survivors who are applying for reparations, pensions and other benefits from Germany and other European countries. The lead attorney benefitting directly from David's efforts is a veteran German lawyer with unique experience whom Bet Tzedek believes to be singularly qualified to handle this highly complex and high-profile project. In congratulating MSK for its work, Bet Tzedek's deputy director noted that the approval of this green card case was critical to the ongoing success of their Holocaust Reparations Program.


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