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MSK Partner Eleanor M. Lackman Highlighted in Billboard and Law360 for Win Involving Clients Fat Joe and Remy Ma

January 5, 2022

Eleanor M. Lackman was highlighted in the article, "Fat Joe & Remy Ma Beat Copyright Lawsuit Over ‘All the Way Up’," published by Billboard on January 5, 2022.

Eleanor M. Lackman and Elaine Nguyen were also mentioned in the article, "NY Rapper Fat Joe Wins Suit Over Hit Song Writing Credits," published by Law360 on January 6, 2022. 

From the Billboard article...
In her ruling, the judge also rejected several other arguments from Elliott, like the claim that Fat Joe fraudulently persuaded him to sign the deal by making false promises of further payment. Though the rapper has denied making such promises, Judge Buchwald said it would not have mattered if he had, since the contract expressly stated that the written agreement was the only deal that mattered.

“Try as he might, Elliott cannot avoid the clear and plain language of the contract that ‘no additional compensation … will be due to Elliott,’” the judge wrote. “Any alleged statements regarding future or additional compensation are explicitly contradictory to these specific and unambiguous provisions of the contract.”

Attorneys for both sides — Francis Malofiy of Francis Alexander LLC for Elliott and Eleanor Lackman of Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP for Fat Joe and Remy Ma – did not immediately return requests for comment on Wednesday evening.

This win is being picked up by other media outlets, such as, Vibe, Bloomberg Law, etc. 

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