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MSK Client John Campion Receives 2016 Ellis Island Medal of Honor

May 9, 2016

MSK is proud to announce that client, John Campion, will be receiving the Ellis Island Medal of Honor on May 7th, 2016. After moving to America, John created his own path to success by working as a roadie with some of the biggest rock stars in history. His involvement in putting on world-class stage productions sparked his creativity, resulting in Mr. Campion developing a unique way of providing power for high energy concerts. That invention led to Mr. Campion founding APR Energy in 2004, where he still serves as Chairman and CEO. APR Energy is a company that specializes in the under-served market for rapidly deployable, large-scale power and is the world’s leading provider of fast-track mobile turbine power.

Beyond his impressive career history, John Campion currently focuses his philanthropic involvement towards health, education, and nutrition for the less privileged. “I’m beyond proving naysayers wrong. At this stage of my life, what’s important is helping inspire, mentor and guide other people and to make a difference in the world.” says Mr. Campion.

Over the past 20 years, MSK partner, Frida Glucoft has worked with Mr. Campion on his various companies. Frida explains, “He is a wonderful client and has been easy to work with throughout his career. We are proud of him for this well-deserved honor he is receiving, and feel privileged to have been part of the journey.”

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