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EASL Music Business and Law Conference 2023

November 17, 2023

Christine Lepera is speaking on the panel "Turning The “Beat” Around" at the Music Business and Law Conference 2023, hosted by the Entertainment, Arts & Sports Law (EASL) Section of the New York State Bar Association, on November 17, 2023. 

About the panel...

Turning The “Beat” Around

Times have changed.  In the past, musical compositions were often written by collaborative efforts between composers and lyricists, and musical recordings were recorded by bands in a studio with the input of a producer. Today, “beats” or musical beds are independently created and made available on-line or otherwise disseminated to R & B or urban recording artists for their consideration.  The use of “beats” with no formal written agreements in place leads to copyright infringement, co-authorship and producer claims, including claims of ownership of master recordings.  This panel will analyze such claims and the defenses to them.

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