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Transportation Under Trump

Long Beach Convention Center | Long Beach, CA
February 28, 2017
2:45 PM - 3:45 PM (PST)

Su Ross will be speaking on the panel, "Transportation Under Trump: What the Incoming Administration and Congress Mean to Freight Transportation," at the Trans Pacific Maritime (TPM) 2017 Conference, hosted by JOC Events (the Journal of Commerce). 

The incoming Trump administration is promising $1 trillion in infrastructure investment; a reset — or withdrawal from — trade deals, most notably NAFTA; and the repeal of regulation or at least a curb of new rules. That's a tall order and not just the tip of threat and opportunities to importers and exporters. Hidden behind the headlines are critical issues questions on the administration will steer port funding, the creation of port productivity metrics and deal with potential longshore labor disputes. Panelists will zero in on what the administration can do in the short-term, what challenges it faces (Hint: Funding), and, most importantly, what the real world impact will be on shippers and the transportation providers they rely on. In addition to the challenge of assembling a team to implement these goals, Trump faces strong corporate pressure to avoid a trade war or do anything too radical to hurt already fragile US consumer spending. The reworking of trade deals is onerous, and politicians generally support freight infrastructure spending until they have to figure out how to pay for it — typically a career-killing vote to raise fuel taxes. Trump’s foreign policy also will determine the direction of trade as sanctions on Iran, Russia, and Cuba are now in play.

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