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Cyberattacks – Ready, Set, Help!

Hollywood Room, City Club
January 13, 2016
11:30 AM PST

Su Ross will be speaking on “Cyberattacks – Ready, Set, Help!” at the Grant Thornton Cybersecurity Panel.

Suffering a cyber hack is a question of when, not if. During this presentation, panelists will provide tips to minimize your exposure, and speed up recovery from the incident you will suffer. What are common steps taken to prepare for the inevitable hack? What can be done to recover? Are you required to give notice about the hack? If so, to whom and when? What do you tell your customers? Shareholders? Board? Should you involve law enforcement? The goal of the program is to provide you with practical advice to legally and financially protecting your business, your information, and your client’s confidentiality.

Learning objectives include:

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