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Considering An Applicant’s Criminal Background In The "Ban The Box" Age

April 24, 2018

MSK's Labor & Employment attorneys  Brett Thomas, Sarah Wirtz and Mazen Khatib hosted a webinar on "Considering An Applicant’s Criminal Background In The 'Ban The Box' Age" on Tuesday, April 24th. 

In 2017, California joined other states in adopting a “ban the box” statute significantly restricting an employer’s ability to seek or obtain information about a job applicant’s criminal history. This webinar focused on the restrictions and requirements imposed on employers under the new law, while exploring how an employer may comply with the new law and existing laws applicable to hiring practices – such as the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act and similar California laws. This webinar also explored the penalties that can be imposed on employers that violate the law.

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