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Copyright Office Offers New Guidance for Registering Works Using AI-Generated Materials

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March 16, 2023

Today (March 16, 2023), the U.S. Copyright Office issued a statement clarifying its practices for examining and registering works containing material generated through use of artificial intelligence (“AI”) technology.  Published in the Federal Register, and available at this link, the statement offers public guidance for registration of works that embody, either wholly or in part, materials generated by systems and programs falling under the AI rubric, which have been receiving widespread media attention and are becoming increasingly powerful and sophisticated.  These include products in various stages of commercial release that permit generation of complex text and images in response to human-entered “prompts” (i.e. queries or instructions) such as ChatGPT (text), DALL-E (images), Midjourney (images), and the recent successor to ChatGPT named GPT-4 (both text and images).  The new guidance is important because it clarifies... 

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