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A Framework for Implementing a Diversity and Inclusion Plan

Profiles in Diversity Journal
Winter Issue (2018-2019)

Gregory Olaniran authored the article, "A Framework for Implementing a Diversity and Inclusion Plan," for Profiles in Diversity Journal's Winter 2018-2019 Issue. 

16 diversity leaders reflect on the present and the future of D&I.

Profiles in Diversity Journal is pleased and proud to add something new to their magazine. Each issue, beginning with this one (Winter 2018-2019 issue), will contain several commentaries on a single issue important to the diversity leaders and organizations that are committed to the success of diversity and inclusion at work and in the larger community. In this issue, an impressive group of diversity leaders have shared their views on the current state of diversity and inclusion and their thoughts regarding how we can all take D&I into a bright and successful future.

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