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Intellectual Property Advice for Breweries

Reclaiming Parked URLs, Trade Dress & Worldwide Trademarks?

CODO Design 
July 2020

Alesha Dominique and Craig Bradley partnered with CODO Design to discuss some of the recurring IP questions received from clients. This is a followup to CODO Design's 2019 California Craft Brewers Conference presentation in San Diego called A Designer and a Lawyer Walk into a Brewery

From the publication...

Intellectual Property (IP) issues continue to be one of the most common branding mistakes we see breweries make. We’ve seen this manifest as advancing a key project without vetting a name, never trademarking your core brand elements in the first place, becoming aware of an IP issue only to ignore it, launching a brand extension into a new category (and assuming your name is good to go) or blatantly running afoul of someone’s existing trademark. 

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