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Tip of the Week: Think of Digital Platforms as Stores

Sundance Institute Blog
August 9, 2011

Orly Ravid's article, "Tip of the Week: Think of Digital Platforms as Stores," was published by the Sundance Institute Blog on August 9, 2011. 

From the article...

"The business of film distribution is predicated on being in the know
of some basic information, and then trading on it. I founded The Film
Collaborative in 2010 to educate filmmakers about distribution and
facilitate it to the extent needed, without taking rights and without
padding middlemen. We monetize transparency, not secrecy.

 I started working on digital distribution deals back in 2004 and
created the Digital Distribution Guide that is now part of TFC’s 
Distripedia, an online resource tool for filmmakers. The industry and
filmmakers are finally starting to focus on digital now that revenues
are picking up and DVD is truly, undeniably dying. But the digital
distribution world still confounds almost everyone..."

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