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Mark Hiraide Quoted in Blockworks

August 21, 2023

Mark Hiraide was quoted in the article, " will likely draw the SEC's attention, legal experts say," published by Blockworks on August 21, 2023. 

The article discusses a decentralized social media platform called on which users can buy and sell “shares” of personal accounts on X, formerly Twitter. The platform experienced a surge in interest over the weekend, raking in more than $1 million in fees in just 24 hours. 

From the article... 

"Whether or not the shares ever trade on a platform separate from will also be something to watch, Hiraide said, as listing on third-party exchanges would make it harder to distinguish the assets from traditional securities." ... "The apparent popularity of and the attention it has drawn alone could be enough to make the SEC step in, Hiraide said." 

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