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Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp Named a "Best Law Firm for Minority Attorneys" and "Best Firm For Minority Partners"

May 2015

Law360 surveyed 300 U.S. law firms based on the firms' minority representation at the partner and non-partner levels and their total number of minority attorneys. The results were published in the "2015 Law360 Minority Report." They have found that though the overall numbers are low, there were several firms ahead of the curve in racial diversity.

Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp is ranked among the top 100 best law firms for minority attorneys, coming in at #51. Additionally, it is ranked as a top 50 firm for minority partners, placed as #26 on Law360's list.

To read the results, visit the Law360 website using the links below.

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The 50 Best Firms For Minority Partners

2015 Law360 Minority Report

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