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MSK Honored For Its Contributions to 2011 Food From the Bar Campaign

May 18, 2011

Over 180 people from MSK participated in the 3rd annual "Food From the Bar" Campaign, a friendly competition among law firms, governmental agencies, and other legal organizations in Los Angeles, with the goal of raising money and food to benefit the Los Angeles Regional and Westside Foodbanks. Jolene Konnersman coordinated the firm's collection of food, money and volunteer hours at the Westside Foodbank in Santa Monica on May 14, 2011.  At the Food From the Bar End-of-Campaign Reception, MSK was honored as one of a handful of firms contributing at the highest "Platinum Level" of combined money, food and volunteer hours.  In addition, the firm received the Cornucopia Award for the most food collected by any participating organization.  We are proud to support the LA Foodbank and its important service to the community.

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