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Special Advocate at FISA Court Would Pass Constitutional Muster

The Hill
September 17, 2014

Don Wallace, Jr. wrote the article, "Special Advocate at FISA Court Would Pass Constitutional Muster," published by The Hill on September 17, 2014.

It has been more than 15 months since the former NSA contractor Edward Snowden began leaking classified documents containing details about far-reaching government surveillance programs, including the bulk collection of call detail records from nearly every phone carrier in the U.S. 

Many of these programs had been approved by the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (the “FISC”).  These revelations led to heated public debate about how to protect privacy and civil liberties while keeping Americans safe in a time of rapid technological advancement and evolving threats around the world. After more than a year of discussion and efforts to forge a compromise between the intelligence community, privacy groups, telecommunications companies, and both sides of the aisle, Congress has the opportunity to pass meaningful surveillance reform.

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