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Independent Music Publishers Upholding Interests in a Global Marketplace

November 7, 2016

From the Independent Music Publishers Forum (IMPF) Media Release

Independent music publishers upholding their interests in a global marketplace; Roundtable discussion underlines the importance of a collective voice for Indies.

A roundtable discussion held in New York last Friday gathered more than 60 members of the independent music publisher community from around the world to debate the public policy, legal and marketplace challenges facing the sector.

In a wide-ranging discussion, moderated by Jay Rosenthal of MSK, the meeting explored issues pertinent to the US, Canadian and European Union markets. It examined how copyright and regulatory issues at national, regional and international level impact independent music publishers engaged in a worldwide role and posed the question “How can Indies make sense of it all?” On the table were the recent 100% licensing decision and fallout, the removal of Maria Pallante from her office, and the equally worrying American Law Institute restatement of the Copyright Act. Also addressed was the extension of term in Canada where term sits at life plus 50 in contrast to most other developed nations, where life plus 70 is the standard.

Introducing the event, which followed the Independent Music Publishers Forum (IMPF) Board meeting, President of the IMPF Board of Directors, Pierre Mossiat said, “As global players it is essential that the Indie sector has a strategic insight into the future of copyright and the music licensing market. This discussion is timely as today our board has furthered our engagement with Amazon Music and YouTube.”

Key industry figures took part in the panel debate including Matt Pincus of Songs Music Publishing; Michael Sukin of Sukin Law Group/Cowan, Liebowitz & Latman; Alisa Coleman of ABKCO Music and Records; Jacqueline Charlesworth, well-known copyright attorney and co-counsel in the SONA litigation; Robert Levine, journalist and author of Free Ride; Margaret McGuffin of the Canadian Music Publishers Association and Ger Hatton, Adviser to the Board of IMPF.

"The issues currently on the table in both the US and Europe have a direct impact on the work of independents,” asserted Rolf Budde, Vice President of IMPF “these types of debate provide a vital platform for the sector in seeing the way forward. I am encouraged that our industry is able to hold such a broad and timely meeting."

The Board of IMPF at its earlier board meeting also notably called on collecting societies to radically improve their efficacy regarding online incomes and distribution.

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