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Entertainer & Athlete Loan-Out Corporations

January 26, 2016

Robin Gilden will be presenting via live webinar on "Entertainer & Athlete Loan-Out Corporations: Widely Used But Not Always Useful; Are They Right for Your Clients," hosted by the American Bar Association.

Many entertainers and athletes furnish their services through loan-out corporations rather than directly as individuals. Loan-outs used to provide significant tax benefits but Congress changed the law. Now, the benefits are fewer and aren't available at all to many types of entertainers and athletes. Nevertheless, loan-outs are still widely used, even by those for whom there is no benefit, or the benefits are worth less than the cost of creating and maintaining a loan-out. This webinar will explain which benefits remain and which Congress eliminated. And it will explain which kinds of entertainers and athletes may be able to take advantage of loan-outs and which kinds aren't able to do so.


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