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2023 AILA Fall CLE Conference and Webcast

Scottsdale, Arizona
September 29, 2023

Howard Shapiro is speaking on the panel "Lights, Camera, … Visa?" at the 2023 AILA Fall CLE Conference and Webcast on September 29, 2023. 

About the panel... 

Film and television production is not all premier parties and award ceremonies, but also short
deadlines and unexpected challenges, especially when working with an international cast and
crew. Panelists will provide advanced-level insights into working with clients in the film and
television industry. Topics will range from sponsorship and consultation issues to what
constitutes a sufficient “deal memo.”

Rita Sostrin (DL), Fall Conference Committee Vice Chair, Woodland Hills, CA
Heidy Berger Trombi, Newport Beach, CA
Howard D. Shapiro, Los Angeles, CA

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