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Copyright Society's 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting

June 10, 2021

Sofia Castillo will be moderating the panel titled "Copyright En Dos Idiomas:
A Conversation About the U.S. Latin Music Community" in the Copyright Society's 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting, on June 10th from 12 to 1:15pm EST. 

About the session:

The U.S. Latin creative community has had an indelible impact on the entertainment industry. The advent of the Latin GRAMMY Awards in 2000, the recent honoring of numerous actors and directors of Latin national origin, and the growing amount of content by Latin creators in all industries are just some examples of this influence. Join us as a diverse and dynamic group of practitioners with deep knowledge of the U.S. Latin music community engages in a conversation about copyright and other issues important to this exciting and growing market.

Consistent with the Society's efforts to advance diversity, inclusion, and equity in both the copyright field and within the organization, in a Society first, this panel will take place entirely in Spanish, with simultaneous interpretation in English. Escuche a los panelistas explicar en sus propias palabras qué significa ser parte de la comunidad musical latina de los Estados Unidos. (Listen as the speakers explain in their own words what it means to be a part of the U.S. Latin music community).

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