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Fundamentals of Foreign Trust Administration Webinar

June 14, 2016

Charles Kolstad will be speaking via webinar on, "Fundamentals of Foreign Trust Administration."

Confidently handle your client's trust needs - get a thorough understanding of foreign trust administration. Many U.S. taxpayers have or are considering establishing a foreign trust for privacy, asset protection or other purposes. In addition, many nonresident aliens establish foreign trusts before moving to the U.S. This topic will help you understand the different types of foreign trusts, how they are administered, the U.S. tax treatment of foreign trusts and their grantors and beneficiaries. It will also help you understand and comply with the FATCA rules and the new withholding tax applicable to foreign entities, including foreign trusts.

Learning objectives:

  1. Overview of Foreign Trust Issues
  2. When is a Trust a Foreign Trust
  3. Types of Foreign Trusts
  4. Administering of Foreign Trusts
  5. A.S Tax Issues
  6. FinCEN Form 114 Reporting Requirements

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