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International Tax Forms and Reporting Requirements Webinar

Winter 2017

Charles Kolstad will be speaking via webinar on, "International Tax Forms and Reporting Requirements."

This webinar will help the viewers gain a better understanding on what this IRS is requiring. Companies and individuals are increasingly operating their businesses throughout the world. As a result, they have to prepare and file an increasingly large number of forms to report those foreign business operations. The IRS has increased their scrutiny of the international information returns and is becoming increasingly aggressive on imposing penalties for unfilled or incorrect forms. This topic will address the corporate, individual and withholding forms that the IRS has issued. Learn about the wide range of international information reporting forms that you or your clients may have to file, the significant penalties for failure to file the required returns, the effect non filing may have on the statute of limitations, and the options available for delinquent taxpayers who seek to remedy prior non filings.

Learning objectives:

  1. Corporate forms, including form 926, 5471, 5472, 8857, and 8854
  2. Individual forms, including FinCEN form 114, and forms 3520, 3520-A, 8833, 8840, 8891, and 8938
  3. Withholding forms, including form 1042, 8233, 8804, W-8BEN, W-UECI and W-8IMY
  4. FATCA
  5. Penalties, including civil and criminal penalties
  6. 2014 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program for Delinquent Filers
  7. Filing season - organizer questions

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