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environmental law


Our Environmental Practice attorneys handle matters before numerous state, federal, municipal, county and regional administrative agencies involved in the environmental area including: the EPA; the California Department of Health Services; the State Water Resources Control Board; the California Department of Toxic Substances Control; various Air Quality Pollution Control Districts; various Regional Water Quality Control Boards; the Army Corps of Engineers; various Departments of Public Works; the California Department of Fish and Game; and others.

MSK’s multi-disciplinary practice also handles related land use regulation and planning; workplace environment issues (OSHA, Worker Disclosure laws, alleged exposure to toxic materials, Risk Management and Assessment programs, etc.); criminal enforcement of environmental laws; and toxic torts matters.

Although it is our preference to counsel clients on how best to avoid disputes with oversight agencies, MSK is skilled at both managing and confining the scope of the search warrants and other investigative techniques used by regulatory agents. When doing so will enhance the client’s settlement leverage or is necessary to protect the client’s rights, the firm will commence actions for declaratory and injunctive relief against federal and state agencies.

MSK’s environmental attorneys are sensitive to the fact that this complex, ever-changing area of the law potentially involves large risks and costs to its clients. As a result, our attorneys strive to develop creative and cost-effective solutions to the sometimes bewildering and frequently complex environmental problems faced by our clients.

Examples of matters include

  • Hazardous waste and substance litigation and regulatory matters

  • Cost recovery and insurance coverage actions

  • Environmental issues in real estate and corporate transactions and acquisitions

  • Air quality permitting and enforcement

  • Water quality permitting and enforcement

  • Underground storage tanks permitting and clean-up

  • Asbestos abatement and cost recovery

  • Environmental impact review proceedings

  • Coastal act permitting and enforcement actions

  • Product packaging and labeling actions

  • Pesticides and economic poison matters

  • Environmental audits and assessments


MSK’s multi-disciplinary Environmental Practice Group handles litigation, transactional, and regulatory matters. We represent a wide variety of clients, including real estate developers, property owners, manufacturers, waste generators, recyclers, and retailers. Our Environmental Practice focuses on counseling clients on how to reduce or eliminate potential liabilities, mitigate the costs and risks associated with active disputes, deal effectively with regulatory agencies and environmental groups, and if required, make prudent use of litigation options.



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